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Without a doubt, Instagram Reels have been our secret weapon to gain a huge amount of followers in a short period of time.

Many People Ask Me How I Get My Reels To Have Such A Powerful Reach

Maybe this has happened to you.... You post these types of videos and they never get a good amount of views or likes, which translates into little chance of gaining followers  (This happened to us at the beginning) 

This is simply because you are not using the right strategy.

Now Check This Out, Let's look at some numbers...

This a screenshot of my page showing our reach in just one month.

Remember that the reach of your reels translates into followers you gain. Since I started implementing this strategy I'm gaining approximately 2k followers per day, that's crazy!

(You may notice that when gaining more than 10000 followers per day the graph gets buggy and shows 0000 😁)

👉 I'll Show You Exactly What I'm Doing!

There will be no secrets here, I will show you exactly step by step what I am doing to get these incredible results so you can replicate it in your account whatever the theme of your page is. 

This also includes the whole process of how to create a Reel from scratch using a totally free app (This one is very little known and is the best of all)

💰 Your Page Becomes A Business. Your Followers Become Customers

Of course, this is the best part. Once a page has a good amount of followers you can easily monetize it and start generating income. Different pages related to your niche will start looking for you for promotions and different deals.

We make deals every single day!

I don't like to talk about numbers, although I believe that in this case it is necessary so that you can appreciate how a sidehustle can quickly become your main source of income.

I'm generating a very good income every week just by posting a video or image mentioning another page or person. Honestly this business has changed my life.

Some Numbers Here Showing The Amount Earned in 1 Month Just Doing Promos.

💪 Our Reach Is So Powerful That Even Famous People Have Watched My Videos!

Look at these screenshots, famous people like Rick Ross and Kevin Gates have watched and interacted with my page thanks to my Reels.

🤔 Does This Method Still Work Today?

The answer is a huge "YES". Instagram is pushing Reels like never before.

When I started using this method (January 2022) I had around 60k followers. Look how many I have now...

(July 2022)

I gained over 100k followers in just 6 months totally organically! I didn't spend 1 cent on promotion. Just using my Reels and my strategy.

EDIT (January 2023):

Yeah, We have gained over 400k followers in just 1 year! 💎

Check out some of our latest reels:

Everyone Can Do It!

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, your age or knowledge of social media. This course is designed so that everyone can understand it and start taking action instantly.

🏆 All the value you will take with you:

  • My strategy to make every Reel go viral.
  • How to find high quality content to create Reels with incredible potential.
  • How to easily create branding Reels with captions that will look super professional using a free secret app.
  • How to quadruple the comments you get on your Reels.
  • My method to grow your audience exponentially.
  • And much more!


Frequently Asked Questions ✔

Is this a one time fee?

YES! It's a one-time fee. This is not a subscription. You'll never lose access to Reels Explosive Growth. Once you've purchased, you're given lifetime access.

If I am not satisfied, can I ask for a refund?

As this is a digital product it is not possible to ask for a refund. However, we assure you that you will be very satisfied with everything you will learn.

👉 So if you’re ready to join Reels Explosive Growth and start gaining thousands of followers/customers per day, tap the ADD TO CART button on this page to get access now for just $49.99!


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Reels Explosive Growth

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